By | June 24, 2018

Useful Tips to Judge the Quality of Wood Before Buying Wooden FurnitureWhen it comes to buy furniture, we are sure that most of you want to have the solid wood furniture. You may want to buy the one which can stand lasts and cannot break down in years. To get what you want, you should be able to judge the quality of the furniture. There are things you should consider finding the finest wood quality in the market. So, lets decide below!First, you need to distinguish the types of wood. We suggest to look for solid wood. Solid wood mean that your furniture only contains wood only. The price may be price but you will be paid of the super fine wood quality for many years. Maple, rosewood, cherry, mahogany, etc are the wood types that have premium wood quality and stunning color. If you are looking for best wood quality with cheaper price, pine and maple, whitewood can be your best solution. Next, you should pay attention on other quality signs of your selected furniture.

Finishing of the furniture can show the quality of the wood. The proper finish must be across the whole piece. And, if you do not find, it can be said the furniture has been done cheaply. Some scars are okay if you buy antique pre-loved pieces, but avoid burn marks. You should be able to see the dirt in creases or knobs. And, if you do not find something, it may be refinished and is not old. Besides, the solid wood furniture also have heavier piece that the low-quality wood. The Best quality remains a great stability. You can try to sit, lean on or give a press in several places. Next the joint shows whether the furniture has a great quality or not. You need to pay details of a dovetail joint and tenon-mortise joint.

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