By | July 9, 2018

Tips on How to Take Care of Your White Wood FurnitureWhite wood furniture become one of the most popular furniture for interior and exterior due to its unique color and design. If you plan to have one or two in your home, make sure you understand how to take a good care of it before purchasing. In this article, we will elaborate some of useful tips for future references.

You can read the tips to maintain the condition of white wood furniture on the following list below:
• Wood rot: to solve wood rot problem, you need to remove possible large parts of the affected furniture. Replace the gaps or the removed parts with epoxy. For furniture with modular constructions, it is much easier and you can consider yourself lucky. This type of furniture allow you to remove the affected parts of the woods completely and replace it. You can replace it with a complete and new length of wood without making your furniture looks weird and unappealing.
• Paint peeling: cracking and peeling paint are common problems in furniture created from white wood. Even so, you do not have to worry because it is very easy to solve the problem. You can simply chip or scrap off the affected areas. After that, sand the affected parts thoroughly to smooth away lingering paint or any debris from the former damaged coat. Applying primer and sanding will add a nice base for the new coat that you will use to cover the damaged parts. Match the color with your current furniture and apply it. Dry it away, and brush it on to add additional layers of coat if needed. For outdoor furniture, several layers of paint with additional sealant application will make your furniture last longer.
• Remove smudges: it is very common to find smudges on furniture created from white wood. It is very easy to remove this type of damage. Find a smooth washcloth from your drawer, dampen it with water. Wipe the affected parts of the furniture in vertical strokes. Make sure to wipe it smoothly to avoid affecting the coat. After you remove the smudges, wipe the area with paper towel or dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture to avoid any mildew formation in the future.

Those are some suggestions on how to take care of your furniture created from white wood. Make sure to discuss with experts if you find persisting problems despite doing all the suggestion mentioned above.

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