By | July 8, 2018

Characteristics of Various Furniture WoodsThere are a lot of types of furniture woods available on the market. Each type offers its own distinctive characteristics. This article will elaborate briefly about the characteristics of some of the most common furniture woods on the market.

The list below will explain each type of wood briefly for your reference:
• Satinwood: this type of wood is one of the most popular wood for fine veneers from hardwood. It is also often used in marquetry and decorative inlays. The most common type of satinwood used in furniture industry is East Indian satinwood. The color of this wood varies from darker and yellowish brown to bright golden yellow. It has a very attractive and distinctive ribbon-stripped or mottled pattern and is considered one of the most expensive wood.
• Rosewood: just like mahogany, this hardwood can be considered as one among the most valued and finest furniture woods. Sometimes it is also used for veneers. This type of wood has various color, ranging from dark purple to dark brown. Additionally, it has strongly marked and rich black streaks. This wood is also very expensive, you can find and buy from but you need special tools to work with this wood instead of basic hand tools.
• Redwood: this type of wood is categorized as a softwood. It is mostly used for furniture placed outdoor thanks to its durability against insects and decay. This wood is rarely finished. The color of this wood ranges around reddish, deep brown. In addition, it has some beautiful growth ring marks which add unique accent to the wood. This type of wood is the best for those who tend to work using hand tools and the price depends on its origin.
• Pine: this type of softwood can be considered as one among the basic materials for wooden modern furniture. It was extensively used in Colonial furniture and is the main wood used in unfinished furniture. The color of this wood ranges from yellow-brown to cream. This close-grained wood has a clear growth ring marks and is less expensive compared to previous wood types. This wood is suitable for almost every type of furniture.

Those are the explanation of some woods that commonly used for wooden furniture. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks and you can choose it according to your need. Doing some research on internet or discussing with expert will surely help you make up your decision on which wood suits your need the most.

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