By | June 23, 2018

Artistic Aspects of Rosewood Furniture and Handicrafts and How to Maintain ThemHandicraft and furniture created from wood, particularly rosewood, are known for its artistic value. It can serve not only for functional purpose, but also for decorative purpose. In this article, we will elaborate several artistic aspects of rosewood furniture and handicraft, and tips for its maintenance.

Here are the explanation of aspects in which you are able to appreciate the artistic value of rosewood handicraft or furniture.
• Painting: the surface of your rosewood handicraft or furniture should be smooth and even with no spot. Avoid choosing any furniture or handicraft that has different thickness, uneven, and rough painting. You can try to touch the painting to evaluate how good the painting is. It should feel smooth in your hand. Take notes on the inner and bottom side of your desired handicraft or furniture. These parts also need to be as smooth as the surfaces. You can the guide at and also can find some rough painting inside or at the bottom, do not purchase that handicraft or furniture as it can split easily.
• Carving: the design of carving of the handicraft or furniture should look good and has clear arrangements. The line of carving need to be exquisite and even. Its contour needs to be symmetric and has smooth surface.
• Carpentry: the structure of the furniture or handicraft should be firm and the connection Tenon must be tightly connected without any flaw. Your desired furniture or handicraft should have flat and smoot surface and the doors and drawers, in case of furniture, need to work freely and smoothly.

Maintaining your rosewood handicraft or furniture is not too difficult. First, you need to make sure the moisture level of your room is within 70 to 80 percent. You can uses air conditioner or humidifier to adjust the moisture level. The temperature is also very important. Maintain your room temperature around 25 degree to increase its using period. Place your handicraft or furniture away from window to avoid sunlight and high temperature produced by it.

Clean your furniture or handicraft regularly. For dust cleaning, do it at least once every two weeks. Use unabrasive cloth during the cleaning to avoid scratching the painting. You can use furniture wax to make the surface of your rosewood furniture or handicraft look shiny. If you are moving the handicraft or furniture, make sure to always lift them instead of dragging. Dragging may damage your furniture or handicraft and the structure may be loose because of that.

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